Trends in logo design: Making choices for your brand

Trends in logo design: Making choices for your brand

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Should you follow trends when refreshing a logo or creating a new one? Your logo is the bedrock of your brand identity, but many other elements in your branding effort support it. It can be expensive and time consuming to redesign once established. A well-designed logo should last 10-15 years without an update. But when you do need a refresh, consider these trends before starting the design process. Strive to create a logo that customers will understand, relate to, and most of all, remember.

“Design is the silent ambassador for your brand.”
— Paul Rand


Font trends

Fonts provide an emotional connection for your logo. Typography is trending to simple and clean choices. Sans serif fonts are part of the long-term trend. They have no little lines attached to the letters (see examples above). They communicate that a product or service is modern, uncomplicated and easy to understand. This makes sans serif perfect for new technology, fashion, travel services and more. Sans serif letters are easier to read on the web. The advent of higher resolution monitors is negating this to some extent.

A serif font may be the right choice depending on your goals. Serif fonts are easier to read in print. Some of the shapes of serifs are organic and some are blocky. Slab or blocky serifs convey strength. More organic serifs convey tradition and reliability.

Script is trendy right now. Decorative fonts can also be tempting because many of them have a great deal of personality. Use caution when selecting either of these styles. These kinds of fonts may rapidly become old-fashioned! See an infographic about the psychology of font choices here.

“Good design doesn’t date. Bad design does.”
— Paul Rand

Color evokes emotion

Color is an important choice in logo design and is often affiliated with a specific industry. For example, blue evokes calm and is often used in the health care and financial sectors. Green conveys natural and healthy. Yellow is sunshine and energy while white is pure, clean and fresh. Red is powerful and passionate. Read more about color in design here.

Try to keep colors similar to your original when refreshing your logo design. This will provide a smoother transition for your rebranding efforts. Your new logo should work in black and white as well as color.

Trends in iconography

Icons in logos are like adding a face to a name. Dropbox, Twitter, and Apple are great examples. Icons help differentiate your brand from competition. They can evoke emotion, while adding a memorable element to your identity.

An interesting trend consideration is emojis. These little icons are becoming more and more a part of our daily communications. They are a great way to end a text and convey a complex emotion with one little mark. Definitely influencing design trends for logos; ignore them at your peril! Case in point: the recent rebrand for Hershey. Their new logo includes a graphic of their iconic candy Kisses. However their mark resembles the poo emoji! Social media made the connection and hilarity ensued. Read more about emojis here.

example of poo emoji in a Hershey logo

Also trending are wordmarks and icons inside circles or squares (Dell or TNT). This is a natural evolution from app icon design and social media links. Read more information and examples of current logo trends here.

Brand Strategy

Your new or refreshed logo will not stand on it’s own. It will be part of your brand strategy. Other brand elements include supporting fonts, color palette, imagery, and your brand story and voice. Your brand will become part of the online world where approval and engagement are paramount. Be sure to develop an authentic brand identity that will build connections, be memorable, and stand out from the crowd. Read more about brand-refresh best practices.

“ A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around.” — Paul Rand

When thinking about creating your logo, consider trends to make your brand look up-to-date. But not so trendy that it becomes outdated quickly. A well-planned, thoughtful logo design should make a lasting impression that stands out for many years!


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